How to Turn your iPhone/Android into The Ultimate Work from Home Device

If you work in Europe or the USA, then most likely than not, you would be operating from home. A health pandemic has affected workers and businesses in the entire world, and there are lots of people stay in their homes and operate officially from home.

We all know that it is quite a demanding task, so in this article, we will teach you how you can set up your device to work at Here is the list what you need to do with your phones:

  • Setting reminders
  • Keep eyes bright
  • Stop watching at a small screen
  • Wireless charging stand
  • Keep phone clean
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Keep an eye on your data

1) Setting Reminders

If you are working in your office, where you don’t need to remember where you need to stand to take a break for the bathroom, eat lunch, most important, finish your shift. When you are at your home, it is easy to lose track.

Therefore, first, you need to create a list that you require to work on time that your phone’s assistant reminds you all to work easily by just saying Ok Google and Hey Siri.

2) Keep Eyes Bright

People are using their phones more frequently and that means you are mostly viewing on your screen. Your eyes don’t need to suffer this result so during the day, you can switch on the dark mode or automatic brightness to keep the screen brightness level comfortable for your eyes. If you are working at nights, you can also enable night mode for removing the blue filter and limit your eye strain.

3) Stop Watching at a Small Screen

If you are bored with typing on the small area on your screen, then you can mirror your phone with your smart TV, or you can also attach with Monitor using a USB cable. If you have an iPhone, you would mirror your device with the TV via AirPlay. Mirroring your device to TV is not an excellent solution, but it is better for streaming videos and view all the images and videos on the large screen.

4) Wireless Charging Stand

Nearly some phone is released that has warless charging features that in in-built features provide by their companies. If you have a new device, then surely you must a wireless charger. Did you think what the need of the warless charger at your home is? Actually, you get the notification, video conference, takes voice calls, and anything that you need on your screen.

5) Keep Phone Clean

There are several reasons behind getting the duty of your phones. So it is an excellent idea to always keep clean your phone, especially when your figure difficult to read the fingerprints. It is straightforward to do, and you only need to wipe down with a Lysol or Clorox cleaning wipe and then drop the wipe, Make sure to wash your hand after doing this performance.

6) Block Time-Consuming Application

Your smartphone is an excellent tool for productivity but it also affects your serious time. Although, if you wish to get a slight help, you need to stay away from a social platform like Facebook and Twitter.

Android phones version 9 or iPhone iOS 12 or current version, has a full-screen Time along with Digital Wellbeing. In their device settings, in each of the settings, you can see a toggle and details that you can set it on your use.

7) Bluetooth Headset

When you are doing the maximum of your work on PC, and you are still using your phones to receive calls. You maybe don’t want to hold your phone for a long time at the time of work. So you can invest some money on Bluetooth headset and also a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can pair your device with Bluetooth wireless headset and use it while working on your pc. It works with both devices with iPhone and Android, and even the iPhone has its own AirPod that has brilliant features.

Ellen Cooper  is a technology enthusiast who loves writing about new advancements and IT threats on a regular basis. Her work focuses on the latest advancements in the realm of technology, social media, and cyber security at